Alejandro Ulloa

Capitol / Capitolio

Painting - 2024
Oil on Canvas
168 x 145 cm
4,500 USD
Artwork Statement

My latest work contains paintings and drawings with the same message: "The metamorphosis of the oppressor after the use of his privileges". The whole theme revolves around the same element: the lobster. This crustacean is a status symbol in Cuba, where despite being an island surrounded by a sea full of riches, it is not possible to access this food. Lobster fishing and its sale are forbidden for the common citizen in Cuba, and the violation of this rule even implies the deprivation of freedom. While the vast majority of the people suffer from hunger and scarcity, their rulers are drunk with opulence, today without any dissimulation. They, that caste that feels superior, dehumanizes and intoxicates itself, are the protagonists of this work.