Alejandro Gómez Cangas

Confrontation / Confrontación

Painting - 2023
Oil on canvas
125 x 125 cm
Artwork Statement

A photographic and individual investigation of the characters will be the starting point for large crowds of people; subjects marching towards an unknown course as part of an infantry that maintains its goal in the path itself. The mass is not presented as something anonymous or impersonal but as a composite, abounds in details, aspiring for a few minutes of contemplation. The diversity of people then becomes a point of attention, paying attention to each individual, stopping the gaze. The experimentation goes from the general, almost abstract, to the particular and imperceptible, since something similar happens when the idea of ​​a “different being” merges with the rest of the people or the feeling that “in unity lies strength”. This is how we stop before that crowd of which we are part of in one way or another.