Your Backstage Pass to Cuban Contemporary Art


that deviates from the traditional scheme of the urban gallery circuit to go to the essence of the Cuban visual arts, that which is where the artist dreams, creates. 

The network of contacts that ArteMorfosis has today allows scheduling visits to studios of a wide range of Cuban artists from different generations. The visitor will have a personalized experience in wich they can direct exchange with artists in their work spaces; that will allow the visitor to approach the art scene through its own protagonists. 

Havana, as the capital city, gathers in all its extension studios and workshops of artists from all over the country, for which in the same tour the visitor can go from one manifestation to another, from the most traditional to the most contemporary style.

These experiences can be complemented with visits to other cultural and artistic centers of interest in the city, which will provide a more complete impression of the panorama of art made in Cuba. 

*With respect to North American visitors, we know about the conditions under which they can travel to Cuba reliably, therefore it is guaranteed that the scheduled visits and activities meet these requirements. In case of those travellers, ArtVisitsoffers the organization of a cultural agenda, according to their interests.


  • Guided visits to artists’ studios and workshops in Havana 
  • Tours of art spaces in Havana
  • Advice or consultancy on contemporary Cuban art
  • Commercialization of Cuban art
  • Promotion of emerging Cuban artists

Visits will be offered to small groups or individuals, always meeting the demands and expectations of those who request it. All tours will be offered in Spanish and English and with transportation included. The client will have at their disposal the experience and commercial facilities of a platform with more than seven years of continuous work.

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ArteMorfosis - ArtVisits - Your Backstage Visit to Cuban Contemporary Art

Schedule Your Art Visit

Visits will be offered to small groups or individuals, always meeting the demands and expectations of those who request it. All tours will be offered in Spanish and English and with transportation included. The client will have at their disposal the experience and commercial facilities of a platform with more than seven years of continuous work.

Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Payments will be received in cash at the start of the tour. In case of acquisition of works of art, payment will be made according to agreement with the artist and ArteMorfosis at the time of purchase.



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