ArteMorfosis is a gallery and virtual platform for Cuban art in Zurich. Founded in April 2015, ArteMorfosis initially focused on presenting well-established Cuban artists. Since 2017 we expanded our approach and included emerging and mid-career artists as well as displaying group exhibitions curated by experienced Cuban curators. Since 2019 we have been pushing the reach for Cuban art by increasing our presence on third-partychannels with bi-weekly exhibitions.

The gallerie’s show room is a piece of Cuba in Zurich; it irradiates Cuban warmth and transmits Cuba’s carefree nature, joy of living and wealth of improvisation to the visitor. Strong Cuban coffee and music create an atmosphere you can also find in the homes of Cuban collectors. While it highlights distinctive Cuban characteristics, the gallery finds ever-new paths of its own: ArteMorfosis is self-confidently unique – like the visitors and collectors we aim at.

The term ArteMorfosis – derived from the Greek metamorphosis – stands for the transformations we expect once the possibilities of the digital age begin to unfold in the art market. The spring-like ‘M’ in our logo symbolizes the dynamics and potential of the expected transformations and the yellow color denotes the light, warmth and liveliness of the Caribbean sun, the energy source that makes Cuban art thrive.

ArteMorfosis is an early adapter of the new technologies that are about to reach a worldwide audience: Virtual as well as augmented reality next to an active presence on the most widely visited art websites allow us to present art in the best manner technically possible – anywhere and anytime. Virtual reality (VR) provides the ultimate level of immersion, creating a sense of physical presence with the art works in the same room. Augmented Reality (WITH) enables you to envisage an interesting work in your foreseen location before deciding on a purchase.

ArteMorfosis’ ultimate goal is to represent all Cuban artists – worldwide. Once a customer decides on purchasing a work, the gallery uses its years of experience in Cuban art-logistics to ship purchased works directly from the artist’s studio to the client and covers the payment process with Swiss seriousness.

The Gallery Owners

Idalmys and Johann Burkhard in front of Gallery

Idalmys and Johann Burkhard in front of Gallery

Idalmys Burkhard - Garcia Negrin


Idalmys Burkhard – garcia negrin (1967) was born in Cuba. She grew up in a culturally interested family; her father was a founding member of the Cuban National Chorus and throughout her working life her mother was involved in different activities connected with the theater. Thus, performing artists were frequent houseguests. 
As a nurse working at higher level art schools for many years, she was able to stay in touch with the artistic community. She lives in Switzerland since 2002.

Johann Burkhard


Johann Burkhard (1961) is a Swiss Internet pioneer. As co-founder of the Internet comparison website,, he quickly embraced the potential of the new media and was one of the few who achieved commercial success. For the last 13 years he has operated a classifieds portal,, which ranks amongst the most used websites in Cuba. Idalmys and Johann are married since 18 years and have a 15 year old son.

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