Since 2018 ArteMorfosis is generating VR-Exhibits. First the exhibitions were copies of actual exhibits in our gallery, soon we noticed that we can display many more artists in online-only exhibitions. First exhibitions were visible only with HTC-Vive gear and only in our own gallery space, today all or our VR-exhibitions can be visited on computers, smartphones, pads and on Oculus Quest

For the 2019 Havana Biennials we invited the visitors on a virtual journey to the VR-exhibitions of Cuban artists we had had in our gallery in Zürich. The IOS-app can be downloaded in the Apple app-store; look for ArteMorfosis, download and enjoy the exhibitions.

VR-Exhibits for Computers

Click on the photos to enter the VR-Exhibit

Flora Fong

Click on QR for Smartphone Exhibition

Girardo Liranza

Alejandro Gómez Cangas

Adislen Reyes & Lancelot Alonso

Osy Milian

Pedro Pablo Oliva

Carlos Quintana

Alejandra Oliva & Manuel Lugo

Duvier del Dago

Call For Artists – PRISMA 3 – NFTs

Onay Rosquet

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