Duvier del Dago


Painting - 2020
Ink, watercolor on paper
22 x 14 cm
300 CHF
Artwork Statement

This series of drawings arose out of the need to live with the world health crisis caused by the Covid-19 disease. After the first two weeks in quarantine and without access to the workshop, a pad that I kept at home became the support for this kind of logbook. A daily drawing always published on my social networks was the expression of own concerns, but also collective.

Many of these images are daily appropriations, taken from the news, the Internet or daily life at home; often also combined with icons from the history of art and other references typical of my hobbies. I am interested in drawing attention to human qualities that we had lost and that we have missed in the midst of the nostalgia that this social isolation caused us.

Sometimes more metaphorical, other more literal, but always with the intention that has accompanied my work, to issue a comment on my context; In addition, at such a specific moment I am interested in contributing ideas that help the existence of a possible better world to live in after the pandemic.