Jorge Rodríguez

Fig 43, 44,45,46

Painting - 2018
Acrilyc on canvas
49 x 49 cm
1,000 CHF
Artwork Statement

figure /ˈfɪɡə; US: ˈfɪɡjər/ n
1. Any written symbol other than a letter, esp a whole number. 2. Visible shape or form; outline. 3. The human form, esp as regards size or shape. 4. The impression created by a person through a person as impressed on the mind. 5. A representation in painting or sculpture, esp of the human form. 6. A representative object or symbol; emblem. 7. Any combination of points, lines, curves, or planes. A plane figure, such as a circle, encloses an area; a solid figure such as a sphere, encloses a volume.