Leo de la O

The paths that return / Los caminos que vuelven

Mixed Media - 2021
Mixed and photography on canvas
120 x 120 cm
2,800 USD
Artwork Statement

From the pictorial intervention of photographs, I manipulate memory: individual or collective, with the intention of decontextualizing and (re) semantizing spaces, which become eternal once they are captured by the lens. I am interested in the fact that the strong brushstrokes or color fillings reinforce the intention of presenting (re)constructed, superimposed environments... It is a way of leaving more of myself in each work, something much more spiritual, a feeling.
I superimpose images, playing with any factor that allows me to alter that imperishable reality to recreate a new context in which these memories, now fragmented, come together. The intention is to recreate, from my pieces, the way in which memories work in our minds... where moments, spaces, people, emotions intermingle; like moving pictures, but. that once there they are immutable.
I develop a seductive mechanism for the (re)invention of
experience: ambiguous, blurred images, but before which the
viewer is attracted. I carry out an archeology of the present,
acting on imaginary layers; so I overcome the usual link. Over time and provoked other readings of reality