Leonardo Eymil

Systole – Diastole / Sístole – Diástole

Mixed Media - 2020
Pastel acrylic on thick cardboard
75 x 60 cm
Artwork Statement

This painting seeks reflection from an introspective journey to one's own individual being, to isolation, to the connection with oneself in search of solutions. The image shows a metaphor of breathing, from a self-portrait that isolates the individual from the atmosphere with a reused mask, and connects him directly to his own heart. With an almost extreme realism, mimetic, crude to the point of being eschatological -since it shows the blood in the body without subtlety-, attributing greater truth and crudeness to the fact itself.
Never before as now, the common welfare depended so much on individual social behaviors, shared responsibility and global solidarity, a good that is necessary for the subsistence and remained of the human species on the planet. I think that as I call this series of works "Thinking about peace", and of which this painting is a member, it is necessary to find peace, precisely now, in one of the most complicated moments in the history of humanity, where our ability to think of other possible answers is necessary, offering us a planetary opportunity to find solutions to the present and therefore to the future. The stark situation that isolates us from our present is unprecedented in some way, but its causes are not. That is why the need for the reflective exercise that I propose.