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It came as no surprise, and indeed should surprise no one, that this Friday, painter, illustrator, and printmaker Zaida del Río was honored with the National Prize for Plastic Arts. This decision has been met with applause from legions of admirers of her immensely rich body of work, marked by a strong lyrical calling. Her art is captivating in its baroque complexity and thematic breadth, standing out distinctly in the grand panorama of Cuban art.

Zaida is among the most prolific and popular Cuban artists. Her influence extends beyond the realm of painting, although it is in this domain that she has crystallized her poetic vision. Her work, populated with enchanting creatures and mesmerizing natural motifs, transcends mere style to become a deeply personal vision of her surroundings. It reflects her rural origins while generously opening up to other geographies, spiritual currents, and recreations of human circumstances. Above all, her work is a celebration of beauty and love.

Zaida del Río has always championed beauty.

The National Prize, which she will receive next week, acknowledges her mastery and commitment to the culture of her country, a culture she has enriched in dialogue with the universal heritage.

Women, birds, flowers, waters of rivers and seas, dream architectures, and botanical labyrinths… elements of a vibrant, dream-like universe that have positioned Zaida del Río, painter and poet, among the greats of Cuban art. The award has reaffirmed this acknowledgment.

Virtual Encore: Recreating Zurich 2017 in Honor of Zaida del Río’s Artistic Milestone

Virtual Encore: Recreating Zurich 2017 in Honor of Zaida del Río’s Artistic Milestone” is our way of honoring the recent crowning achievement of Zaida del Río – receiving Cuba’s highest accolade in the arts. This virtual reality exhibition reimagines her 2017 Zurich exhibition, offering viewers a chance to re-experience her masterpieces in a contemporary format. Our intention is to bridge time and space, allowing art enthusiasts worldwide to immerse themselves in del Río’s vibrant world. This VR showcase doesn’t just replicate the past exhibition; it adds new layers of interaction and engagement, celebrating the artist’s dynamic journey and her recent, well-deserved recognition. Join us in this virtual homage to Zaida del Río, as we bring a pivotal moment in her career to life in the digital era.

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