– Reopening –

Thursday, October 3, 2019, 6..8 pm

– Rämistrasse 33, 8001 Zürich –

We are moving and expanding our gallery into an art platform for Cuban art. From October onwards you will find us at Rämistrasse 33, where we will be welcoming you to our showroom with works by Manuel Mendive, Juan Roberto Diago, Choco and Adislen Reyes..

‘The only constant in the universe is change‘, this millennium-old wisdom of Heraclitus has been repeatedly confirmed and today seems particularly true for the art market. We are advancing a house number in order to present Cuban art in a more personal way: instead of exhibitions for a broad audience in the gallery, we show you selected works in the showroom; instead of six exhibitions a year, we plan one a week; we use the Internet, augmented- and virtual-reality to enable worldwide encounters with artists and art, anytime and anywhere.

On October 3, 2019, we celebrate the reopening of our showroom and are looking forward to demonstrate how we are transforming from a Cuban art gallery into a Cuban art platform.

Since August we have started with a presentation of a new Cuban artist each week on Artsy, where their work can be purchased online.