Anyel Judith Díaz

Doll’s House / Casa de muñecas

Photography - 2023
Digital print on paper
30 x 40 cm
200 USD
Artwork Statement

The body is the primordial experience of contact with reality since corporeality grants the individual their presence in the world. In turn, it is the most judged element in women with the intention that they achieve certain beauty standards, but it also constitutes a sense of belonging and origin for every human being. Thus, the perception of one's own body influences self-awareness, enabling or not the comfort of having a home and a safe space in oneself. However, the limited view of the role of women in society has imposed the model of the obedient, compliant woman available to others. The imposition of this stereotype has not allowed the spontaneous manifestation of female identity. This work is a demonstration of the fight against the identity oppression of women, with the body being the symbol of protest. The woman's body has been conceived as a sexual object, but it is not just a naked body, it is a face, and it is a human being who looks at you, who feels, who suffers, and who speaks to you: 'Do not see the parts of my body, look at me'