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Digital Manipulation as Artistic Exploration

Artists were prompted to submit their original photographs for digital intervention, marking the start of their creative process. The jury’s selections highlights works that brought new artistic dimensions to the fore, showcasing how artists could enrich, transform, or even fracture the original images to unveil new aesthetic landscapes. This approach underscores the philosophy that digital intervention serves not as an arbitrary exercise but as a method to expand the spectrum of artistic expression.

Creativity and Originality in the Spotlight

The creativity displayed by the participants of the PRISMA contest was remarkable, with many entries standing out for their unique vision. The challenge of narrowing down the finalists from a pool of over fifty submissions testified to the high caliber of creativity and originality. This section of the contest showcased the potential of manipulated photography to transcend traditional boundaries and enter the realm of fine art.

Social Media as a Platform for Art

The contest also recognized the importance of social media, especially Instagram, as a vital platform for artists to share and promote their work. ArteMorfosis is committed to helping artists leverage these digital platforms, which are still underutilized for art promotion and marketing. This strategy aligns with the broader aim of making manipulated photography more than just a technique but a significant medium for contemporary art.

The Infinite Potential of Manipulated Photography

Manipulated photography, as demonstrated by the PRISMA contest’s submissions, represents more than just altered images. It is a fusion of art and technology, opening up almost limitless possibilities for creative expression. The enthusiastic participation of numerous artists in this contest highlights the vibrancy of the current art scene in Cuba, where manipulated photography with artistic ambition is a burgeoning and fertile field.

Through the PRISMA contest, ArteMorfosis celebrates the infinite potential of manipulated photography, reaffirming its place in the digital art landscape and its role in pushing the boundaries of contemporary artistic practice.

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