After seven remarkable years in Zürich, Artemorfosis is ready for the next exciting chapter in our journey. We’re moving forward and taking our passion for Cuban art straight to its very heart – Havana. Our unwavering commitment to representing and helping Cuban artists find their audience remains our guiding principle, and we’re enthusiastic about embracing the future with open arms.

Alejandro Gómez Cangas – Border – Oil on Canvas, 2017 – 110 x 142 cm

Our adventure in Zürich began in April 2015 with an exhibition of Flora Fong’s work on Weinbergstrasse, culminating with our most recent solo show featuring Alejandro Gómez Cangas in Rämistrasse. We take immense pride in all the Cuban artists we’ve showcased and are grateful for the numerous connections and friendships we’ve nurtured in Zürich.

De la Serie Contra viento y marea by Flora Fong
Flora Fong – From the Series ‘Contra vento y marea’ – mixed on canvas, 2014 – 110 x 145 cm

The vibrant Cuban art scene deserves a platform that can genuinely capture its essence and depth. To achieve this, we have expanded our reach beyond physical showrooms in Zürich by utilizing multiple online channels and virtual reality platforms. With our clients hailing from all corners of the globe, it’s only fitting that we take the next logical step and move our base to the epicenter of Cuban art – Havana.

As we embark on this new phase, we acknowledge that moving forward means leaving behind a memorable seven years of displays, discussions, and encounters in Zürich. Yet we will cherish the memories and connections we’ve made along the way and eagerly anticipate rekindling those bonds in Havana – the ultimate destination for Cuban art.

ArteMorfosis – true to our name – is evolving once again into a new identity, embracing change and growth as we continue our mission to support and promote Cuban art. Stay tuned for more details as we approach the inauguration of our new event stage and showrooms in Havana, where we look forward to welcoming you and celebrating the transformative power of art.

Alejandro Gómez Cangas – Wandering No 1..6 – Oil on Canvas, 2021 ..2022 – 200 x 300 cm