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Photography can be much more than just documentation. This has always been known by numerous artists who dedicated themselves to a practice that for a long time was approached with prejudice, underestimation, or condescension. But today, photography (specifically photography understood as a proposal with undeniable aesthetic and conceptual values) is considered one of the pillars of visual arts. And it is one of the manifestations that most clearly builds bridges with the still insufficiently explored potential of new technologies.

In our call for entries to a new edition of the Prisma contest, we aim to promote formal searches in photography through technological intervention. Altered photography (modified, recreated, transformed) by any digital means. The theme, medium, and implications will be free… the essential freedom of art that goes beyond its means to establish itself in truth.

Cuban photographers residing in Cuba, lens artists, we invite you to our call:


The jury of the seventh edition of the Prisma contest, dedicated to digitally manipulated photography under the title LUMEN, after evaluating the proposals of the 51 participating artists, decided to select 12 finalist works from the following authors:

Frank Baltonado, Leo de la O and Lídise Domínguez, Anyel Díaz, Nadia Díaz, Natasha Forcade, Reinier Garcés, Gabriela López, Kevin Oramas, Claudia Padrón, Dave Perurena, May Reguera, and Lissette Solórzano.

The selection is highlighted for its stylistic and formal variety, the creative use of technologies, and aesthetic values.

These artists will be invited to join a group exhibition at ArteMorfosis’ Havana location and on the virtual sites of the platform.

Among the finalists, the unique prize of the contest was unanimously awarded to Dave Perurena, for the forcefulness of the concept and its plastic realization. Additionally, the contestant’s skill in presenting their piece on the social network Instagram is acknowledged.

We thank all contestants for their participation.

The jury was composed of artists Laura Llópiz, Antonio Margolles, and Ricardo G. Elías.


PRISMA 7 – Exhibition
ArteMorfosis – Event Rooms
Opening: Friday, March 29, 2024 – 19:00 to 21:00