Alejandro Lescay

The plea / La suplica

Drawing - 2020
58 x 103 cm
1,200 USD
Artwork Statement

The uncertainty, not knowing or imagining the destiny of the human being in the coming years, just looking into the void looking for answers and solutions, as a plea humanity from isolation and loneliness asks, prays and hopes, a future where we return to take us by the hand, to kiss, to embrace and to return to be part of the immense multitude of our planet.
In order to achieve an adequate visual presentation of the idea, I have resorted to a series of creative resources: the choice of portrait as the main genre of representation, the elaboration of the drawings using the scratchboard method helps to highlight the expressive and dramatic density of the images that make up the whole. On the other hand, the relationship established between the portraits of small formats, made in black and white, and the subsequent museographic manipulation of all of them in a conglomerate effect, of integration; It contributes to granting a sense of metaphorical priority to that correspondence - not always open, fluid - between individual and collective aspirations.