Gerardo Liranza

Diminished / Menguado

Painting - 2018-2020
Oil on canvas
150 x 150 cm
4,500 USD
Artwork Statement

In the beginning it was just a Chinese virus.
Covid-19 has complexly changed course.
I enjoy the act of painting and the landscape that is my work extremely, I feel that the landscape tells us everything. It is a way of penetrating the truth of things, of social processes, of historical processes, of economic processes. I am interested in the work completing a circle within the human being and at the same time within this process.
How many factories have gone bankrupt?
How many people have lost their jobs?
How many communities have suffered in this vacuum?
There is therefore no nostalgia in this work, but alleged absences, we could say that art often deals with the absent, we do not have in this work a deconstructive attitude, but an integrating sense of the past in the present, of memory and matter, of the inner and outer world, of presence and absence.
Only in emptiness is it possible to listen to silence.