Gustavo del Valle Ramírez

Where is the faith? Times have changed … / ¿Dónde está la fe?, cambiaron los tiempos…

Installation - 2020
Cast aluminum, wood and fabric325324
230 x 200 cm
Includes a Certificate of Authenticity
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Artwork Statement

This piece works as a monument in homage to how times, identities, lives, ways of acting and thinking changed for all the people of the world after this terrible pandemic. The work has two levels that represent two social layers, in those below only the silhouettes of people are appreciated as the support and color of society. The module that is located in the center, works as a base and metaphor between a coffin and the physical loss of those moments without the fear of being infected, shown in five metal sheets, and finally those of above in which the representation is minority, the images refer us to comfort or accommodation, in seven silhouettes as a way of measuring time, the seven days of the week in which we are all vulnerable, no one escapes reality and fear.