Héctor Onel Guevara Delgado

The pig against the public / El puerco contra el público

Painting - 2019
Oil on canvas
69 x 118 cm
Artwork Statement

How do we deal with knowledge? (What)
What are the information selection processes and the ways of arriving at fiction? (How)
Do the works have great objectives? (For what)
These are questions that you cannot ask yourself without thinking fractionally, without giving a weak answer, without realizing that you don't really care about them.
On the other hand, mix images, associate them, resemanticize them; it is so easy that the limits of the artistic are lost and somehow the arsenal of individual and collective visuality are invoked consciously and unconsciously. In fact, a large part of artistic production cannot resist operating in this way, especially the pictorial, which in this case is the center of interest.
We live in a situation in which every day we are more incapable of creating representations of our own current experience. OPERATE, MECHANE, PHOTOSHOPEAR, are terms that are closer to what I am actually doing. More than the image as such, I am interested in what happens before reaching it, when you edit, reuse, violent, when they share the same living space.
Painting is a rich and flexible process that in the first instance speaks of the actions of men and their decisions, for me the pictorial surface has a life of its own, let's say, you select a character, make it your actor, then you select a given circumstance and it you let them react.
- It has to bark and stink.
- It has to be the repulsive by-product of your miserable existence.
- He dies and is born in the same gesture until his war wounds are worth more than his own time.
- He is not afraid, he invites you to fight, because he knows he will win.
- Die when he finishes violating your intelligence.
- It does not have, nor does it want to have anything to do with exposing itself.
- A pile of elements that scream all at the same time because there is no other way.
- It undresses the weakness of our understanding and exalts the versatility of our will.
- Break the connection with everyday experience and dismember yourself against the history regurgitated by himself.