Leo de la O & Lidise Domínguez Quiñones

Apparent forgetfulness / Olvido aparente

Photography - 2024
Digital print on paper
80 x 60 cm
2,500 USD
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Artwork Statement

Both artists feed on memory, they transform it using photography as a documentary element. Starting from a process that begins as a layout and digital manipulation of the main photograph, other images taken from the photographic archive are superimposed. The final intention is to decontextualize the main images to give them a new meaning. This translates into a game with the psyche of the viewer, who will be able to find in the work different experiences lived by the artists.
The original photographed element, the photographer, the artist who rediscovers the image and the observer become a whole that integrates personal and collective imaginaries.
The photographed element could be the protagonist. It is about rediscovering an image that is already part of a memory, that already has a story.