Lidzie Alvisa

Diptych: Sunflower by Van Gogh / Diptico: Girasoles de Van Gogh

Photography - 2005
Limited edition - Edition of 5
Digital printing on hahnemühle paper
70 x 50 cm
4,000 CHF
Artwork Statement

In this series the essence of the discourse is the theory of the contraries. The play is complemented when the artist introduce a natural body penetrated with a stranger material, expressing denounce to the aggression in the all day live. The natural object is a sun-flower and the stranger materials are pins that substitute the flower feminine organ.
The incredible composition of the photos shows the attack of conscience that the creator suffers when she violate the original form of the body extraordinarily design by the nature. She creates a reflexive moment about the contraposition of attitudes that provoke the difference between beings.
Also in this series reappears the butterfly tattoos creating an idyllic situation among a fictitious butterfly and a mutilated sun-flower. Then we think about communication and the erroneous deafness in this global society. Something comes to our minds: How much time we are going to stay isolated of the world and of ourselves? In these works I dare to summarize as a great diptych, my vision of small and universal things that surround me, and my need to combine them.
I investigate different topics, giving the two possible sides of the coin: the relationship with time, the lack of communication between people, the artist's ego, interpersonal relationships, stillness and aggressiveness, choices and abandonments, the life-death binomial , plus the suggestive silence that we form with the sharp and fine gaze in front of the mirror.