Aluan Argüelles

23° 08 ́47.81 ”N 81° 51 ́ 38.65 ”W / 23° 08 ́47.81 ”N 81° 51 ́ 38.65 ”W

Painting - 2017
Invisible ink and oil /canvas
130 x 200 cm
8,300 USD
Artwork Statement

ATLAS is a series of oil paintings in black and white, which responds to the human need to archive memory. In this specific case, the Cuban migratory memory, the memory of all times, the memory of not forgetting. Migration is a universal and timeless theme, but this series of works specifically refers to our own. The images that comprise it refer to the places of departure, to the last sight, to the farewell, to the piece of sea that bids them farewell, to the tearing of a departure as uncertain as the reunion itself. Real names "encrypted" with invisible ink between the waves, some will only be eternally bodies lying in the sea; others are the "trophy" of the intrinsic battle between danger and fear of death and the hope of a better life.

ATLAS is a universal memorial to the phenomenon of migration from the highest point of our own containing geography, the Sea.