Enrique Báster

A walk in the open air / Un paseo al aire libre

Installation - 2024
Oil on canvas
45 x 460 cm
Includes a Certificate of Authenticity
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Artwork Statement

This group of paintings tries to establish an analogy with the pictorial term plain air or open air painting. This well-known resource is characterized by the study of the natural landscape, paying attention to its morphological resources, pretending to capture and study, from an intentionality of realistic painting, what is shown in front of the painter, proposing a relationship between mimesis, representation and reality. This could be an expected logic when supposedly using such procedures, but when there is the aggravating factor that the works that make up this installation are abstract paintings, a break in meaning is produced, subjugating other intentions. Specifically, these paintings evoke a mental reality closer to an intention to poeticize, to philosophize, to explore in the morphological and in meanings, rather than to represent the tacit that the gaze perceives.