Lissette Solórzano

Havana Coastline / Costa de La Habana

Photography - 2004-2005
Limited edition
Baryta archival fine art print
90 x 110 cm
5,100 USD
Artwork Statement

Yves Klein's "Leap into the void" is recontextualized. It is not a street, it is the sea; it is not Europe, it is Cuba; it is not the 1960s, it is the present. The essence of the gesture, however is the same: to capture in a frame the film of human existence.

Above all, the defining moment in which we overflow being to preserve being. Invisible tension between the fleeting gesture and the lasting image. Frozen movement that suspends life. Eternal sigh. For an instant, to jump over the wall, float in the air, contemplate the waves that will swallow us up in an instant.

Forever, to ignore the eye that looks at us, the finger that closes, the lens that catches that instant forever. Malecon is a leap, but not into the void, but into the INTERNATIONAL Klein BLUE that surrounds the island of Cuba.