PRISMA 6 - Call for Artist - Poetry of the Human Figure

Acta del jurado en español


The body is the temple. The body is the confluence of disparate senses. The realization of a symbolic realm. An aesthetic possibility… In this edition of our Prisma contest, we will approach the body as the axis of multiple poetics. We are interested in exploring the paths that Cuban artists have traveled from and to the body, starting from a purely anatomical dimension to a metaphorical vision. The human figure, which is one of the great themes of art, will be the motif for recreation.

The technique, medium, and genre of the pieces will be free. Limits will only be set in terms of dimensions, with the aim of organizing an exhibition at our Havana headquarters with the finalist pieces. The competing works must be displayed or reproduced on the web pages, accounts, or social media profiles of their authors.

Considering the growing importance of Internet platforms in the socialization, promotion, and marketing of artistic production, the jury will particularly value the creativity with which the pieces are presented on the chosen networks. The goal is to encourage the use of forms that contribute to a better positioning of the works in the digital realm; these can be videos associated with the creation processes, comments from the artists, images that allow contextualizing the pieces… or any creative resource that the author proposes.


The jury of the Prisma contest, dedicated this year to exploring the many facets of the human body, has selected twelve finalists after reviewing submissions from nearly fifty Cuban artists. These finalists will be featured in our PRISMA 6 exhibition.

The selected artists are:

Adriana Pérez, Alberto Lescay, Alejandro Lescay, Amalia Abreu, Aylín Martínez, Ester Licor, Leo de la O and Daniel Martínez (joint proposal), Maikol González, María Fernanda Chacón, Olivia Torres, Ricardo Fabián Fernández, and Yeinier Núñez.

The chosen works exhibit strong aesthetic and conceptual qualities. In line with the contest’s guidelines, the jury paid special attention to the creativity and effectiveness of how the artists utilized social media and other web platforms for promoting and sharing their work, aligning with ArteMorfosis’s goal to enhance the presence and marketing of top-tier Cuban art online.

Guided by these criteria, the jury is pleased to announce Yeinier Núñez López as the main prize winner for his work “Aguacero.” This piece stood out for its striking visual impact and its effective presentation on Instagram. Núñez López demonstrates a masterful handling of narrative, skillfully illustrating the creative journey and placing his work in a range of compelling contexts. The chronological narrative of “Aguacero,” presented through diverse formats, draws the audience into a deeper exploration of the artist’s vision, distinguishing it as a leading example of artistic excellence in the competition.

With this call, ArteMorfosis seeks to encourage Cuban artists to go beyond just creating outstanding art; we aim to equip them with the skills to effectively showcase their work in the digital world. It’s about more than just the art itself – it’s about understanding and mastering the art of online presentation and marketing, which are essential in today’s digital-centric commercial landscape for art. This initiative is about empowering artists to take charge of their digital presence and make the most of the opportunities available in the online art market.

We are aware of the substantial potential and the many opportunities that have yet to be fully tapped into. With this in mind, we reaffirm our dedication to forging new paths and exploring these uncharted territories.


Event: PRISMA 6 – Exhibition
ArteMorfosis – Event Rooms
Opening: Friday, November 17, 2023 – 19:00 to 21:00

Invitation to Opening event of  PRISMA 6